Meet the Owners

Husband and wife team, David and Ashley, opened Brick City Pizza in 2015 because they love food and sharing that experience of coming together for meals. David runs and operates the business as CEO, while Ashley oversees the finances. The couplepreneurs, if you may, give new meaning to the old phrase “married to your work.” It sounds like the most sincere way to spend time with your spouse, right? It's mostly Ashley reminding David that there's a budget and he's over-exceeding it with his big ideas. Brick City Pizza would have never been if it weren't for David's great persuasion (and excel) skills that convinced Ashley to start this risky endeavor. But it would also more than likely not still be open, if it weren't for her grounding his plans in a more conservative route. Opposite points of view definitely keep it all together. They willingly fold their personal lives in with their work lives.

"We don't separate work and pleasure. We love what we dofiercely. We do go on vacations, but even then we are connected and working, we bring our laptops, our iPhones... I'd say we only clock out when we plug in our phones and turn the lamp off to go to bed."  —— Ashley Frederick, Co-Founder



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