We aim to make a fresh product accessible to everyone in our community.


Brick City: Origins


Our Beginning

Co-Founder, David Cole, grew up in the pizza business. His mother and father worked for one of the largest pizza chains in our country for over twenty years. David started assisting his father with prep work and slapping dough at just fourteen years old. This sparked his passion for handcrafted food. Cole started small, creating homemade recipes, building pizzas and calzones for his wife, Ashley. When they started giving extras away to friends, family, and co-workers, they saw how much everyone enjoyed it. The idea to brand and sell meals that are both delicious and affordable came to life.

Brick City Pizza's name came to be because of its hometown's rich history. Malvern, Arkansas was founded in 1870 by the Cairo and Fulton Railroad as a stop within the Ouachita Mountains. The community's history and economy have been deeply tied to its rich mineral resources. Specifically, the production of bricks from the locally available clay earned the city the nickname, "The Brick Capital of the World" - where our name originates. Opening day was June 1, 2015 and was a hit with the community as a carry out and delivery service. BCP later expanded to accommodate a dine-in expierience.


“Nothing brings people together like good food.”

— David Cole, FOUNDER


Our Mission

We grew up in one of the most severely under-served communities in the region. To combat this adversity, we want to provide an affordable and tasty food option that will not only provide jobs for the neighborhood, but be a way to bring new income to the local community.